Atypical Artists is built on the belief that to make the most compelling stories, you need to empower a diverse and passionate set of creators; in other words, make neat stuff, with neat people. Founded by Lauren Shippen, Jordan Cope and Briggon Snow in 2019, Atypical Artists is an all-in-house production studio cultivating fresh narratives across a wide-breadth of entertainment mediums, from a core background of fiction podcast storytelling. The team’s expertise in making audio drama podcasts from soup to nuts has Atypical Artists uniquely poised to help push the medium even further and bring audio storytelling to a whole new group of listeners.


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Lauren Shippen is a writer most known for creating the popular science fiction podcast, The Bright Sessions. The audio drama has won numerous awards, been featured in major publications, and spun-off into several upcoming podcast series and three YA novels for Tor Teen (the first being released in September 2019). Beyond The Bright Sessions, Lauren co-produced the joint Panoply-BBC podcast, Passenger List, slated for release in 2019.

She was named one of Forbes 30 Under 30 in Media for 2018 and one of Moviemaker/Austin Film Festival’s 25 Screenwriters to Watch. Wanting to expand her creative universe — and inspired by her friendships with and the creativity of Jordan and Briggon — Lauren co-founded Atypical Artists to foster innovative and compelling storytelling.

When she isn't writing and acting, Lauren drinks a lot of coffee, goes on hikes, and stares wistfully at dogs she passes on those hikes. She lives in Los Angeles but travels frequently to New York where she can split her
time between her parents’ dogs and her love of Broadway.

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Jordan Cope is a Los Angeles-based producer with a background in direction, editing & talent partnerships.

Originally hailing from Stroud, England, Jordan moved to San Francisco in 2015 to work for membership platform Patreon.

In 2019, having established a presence for himself within the creator sphere as a producer, director and occasional writer, Jordan co-founded the production company Atypical Artists, along with partners Lauren Shippen and Briggon Snow.

He now resides in Los Angeles with his cat Diva, where he snacks, naps, and dreams of one day doing something that isn’t snacking or napping.

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Briggon Snow started out in podcasts as the voice of Caleb on the science-fiction audio drama, The Bright Sessions. With a recurring role on Nickelodeon’s Game Shakers, guest spots on CBS’ Seal Team, Showtime’s Masters of Sex, and podcasts such as Arcs, The Big Loop, EOS 10, Super Ordinary and My Neighbors Are Dead - Briggon is an actor with a wide-ranging and growing body of work on screen and behind the mic.

In addition to his creative pursuits, Briggon’s background in digital coordination, producing, marketing, branding and partnerships from his work at dick clark productions (BBMAs, AMAs, NYRE and The Streamy Awards) made his transition to head up the digital department as a co-founder of Atypical Artists a thrilling and fortuitous melding of interests and expertise.

In addition to his work as an actor / writer / producer, Briggon is an advocate for, and a member of, the LGBTQ+ community – empowering a life-long mission to cultivate and promote equality, diversity and visibility in the art he creates.